Why St. Mike's?

We are pleased by your interest in St. Michael’s High School. As New Mexico’s most historic educational institution, we have a reputation for excellence in academics and athletics, and we are also a Catholic school, still operating according to the values set forth by the De La Salle Christian Brothers who are our founders.

Often, the first question we are asked by prospective students and their families is “Do we have to be Catholic to attend St. Mike’s?” Actually, about thirty percent of our students are not Catholic. And though we do have many families that make St. Mike’s a multi-generational tradition, we welcome students from all corners of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico, from all cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds, and people who have relocated to the area.

We are the most affordable private school in the region, and it is part of our founding tradition to provide as much tuition assistance to as many students as we can.

People also want to know if students have to be athletic and into sports to excel at St. Mike’s. Of course not! All students are expected to participate in extracurricular activities, but no one is required to join an athletic team. However, we recognize that a large part of your education at St. Michael’s happens outside the classroom, whether it’s serving food at a local soup kitchen, or competing in a club or activity—the students that have the fondest memories of St. Michael’s are the ones who were involved outside of the classroom. Every student at St. Mike’s is an individual and is encouraged to pursue his or her own interests and be true to themselves. We want to support you in those endeavors. We emphasize Christian and moral behavior and enforce a dress code not to create conformity but to provide a structure for the learning experience and help guide our students safely and intelligently toward adulthood.

Explore the website and if you’d like to get to know us better, you can visit campus or attend our annual open house. Another great way to learn about St. Mike’s is by attending extracurricular and athletic events, which you can find on our calendar.

If you would like more information about admission to St. Michael’s High School, contact Beau Martinez, Associate Director of Admissions, at or (505) 983-7353 ext. 170.

St. Michael's High School At A Glance