Why St. Mike's? 

The high performers. The challengers. The athletes. The curious, risk-taking brainiacs who question everything you profess. The artists. The dreamers. Those called to serve.

These are the students that attend St. Michael’s – New Mexico’s most historic school.

Teaching, and working at St. Mike's is rewarding, yet rarely easy. In an atmosphere of continuous improvement – this institution will challenge everything you think about yourself and your ability to impact the world around you.  You are encouraged to express your own voice, to innovate, be creative, and to think and teach in a way that will engage and fascinate your students. Our students are as diverse as you’ll find in Santa Fe – requiring teachers and coaches who are willing to meet students where they are and provide individulized support that will transform their lives each and every day. 

Graduating and going to college are non-negotiable expectations of our students and your role in their journey is as important as it has ever been. Our students are here to learn. Our parents are engaged. Discipline is strong, compensation and benefits are competitive - and we have no shortage of school spirit. 

Long hours? Sure. High expectations? You bet.

Rewarding? Absolutely. 

Please consider being part of our incredible team as positions open.

St. Michael’s High School is currently accepting applications for a part-time custodian. Custodians perform routine and non-routine custodial maintenance as part of a team assigned to specific buildings or areas of campus. Responsibilities include the proper use of custodial materials, supplies and equipment to perform custodial and housekeeping services. Specific duties, but not limited to, dusting, polishing, floor cleaning, trash collection indoor and outdoor, etc… Please stop by St. Michael’s High School, 100 Siringo Road to pick up an application. Position has been Filled. 

St. Michael's always accepts resumes from teachers who think they can change the world, one student at a time. Are you one of them?  If so, email your resume as an attachment to Sam Govea at sgovea@stmikessf.org