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Mr. Taylor Gantt grew up in Denver, Colorado where he attended St. Anne’s Episcopal School, Most Precious Blood Catholic School and Regis Jesuit and Thomas Jefferson High Schools. He attended Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, South Dakota on a baseball scholarship where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.  After working as an Admissions Counselor at Dakota Wesleyan for three years he worked as the Associate Director of Admissions at the College of Santa Fe while simultaneously earning his Master's Degree in Business Administration in 2008. As the College of Santa Fe dissolved in 2009 Mr. Gantt became a substitute teacher at St. Michael’s, subbing for Brother Peter. For several years Mr. Gantt served as a faculty member teaching accounting, personal finance, computer literacy, keyboarding, and marketing. Additionally, he oversaw Admissions and Financial Aid while he served as Head Baseball Coach.  In 2011 Mr. Gantt hung up his coaching and teaching responsibilities for an administrative role as the Director of Advancement where he was responsible for school communications, the website, social media, capital projects, marketing, publications, alumni relations and all fundraising efforts.  Mr. Gantt became the third President of St. Michael’s High School in May 2014 after Marcia Sullivan resigned her position in February.

Mr. Gantt and his wife Rachel, who is the Director of Marketing and Admissions at Rio Grande School, have been married for 18 years and are the proud parents of  Erin (18) and Aidan (16) who both attend St. Michael’s and Cameren (11), who attends Eldorado Community School. His daughter, Erin, will be a freshman at the University of Georgia this year.  Mr. Gantt and his wife have proudly hosted two Spanish exchange students, one Thai, and one Chinese exchange student who all attended St. Michael’s. In his spare time Mr. Gantt enjoys spending time with his family, recovering from knee surgery, playing golf and soccer, ping pong, frisbee golf, snowboarding, camping, hiking, playing the djembe, and entertaining their St. Bernard, Ari, and Great Dane, Maui. Mr. Gantt has volunteered with Santa Fe Youth Hockey, been a little league coach for Santa Fe AABC and Santa Fe Little League and has a deep connection with Big Brothers Big Sisters where he was a “little” for 10 years in Denver, Colorado. 

Recent Posts

2 Weeks Away!

Monday, 10/19/15: We will cover Traditional IRA's vs Roth IRA's. Homework is to complete p 162-163, questions 1-25. Assignments should be typed and completed with a partner.  They are due tomorrow, 10/20/15.  All assignments should be turned in ON PAPER - not electronically this time. 2 names per assignment.  
Tuesday, 10/20/15: Exam Review - all class period. Homework is to study/review for the exam.  A single 3x5 notecard will be permitted. 
Wednesday, 10/21/15: HUGE HUGE EXAM. No homework for Th/Fri. 
Thursday/Friday, 10/22 &10/23: The next 7 days of class will be committed to Macroeconomics and the Global Economy.  
Weekend Homework: Journals are due Monday, Oct 26 - all printed (not turned in electronically). Check spelling, content, dates, etc.... This will be the final Journal submission for the trimester. 

Mr. Kevin Gray came to speak to our Economics class yesterday, 10/15/15.  Mr. Gray is the Vice President of AYCO, a division of Goldman Sachs in Dallas, TX.  Mr. Gray spoke to the class about his personal journey in wealth management, what his job entails and consists of, and all of the different services that Goldman Sachs provides.  He spoke about Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Charitable Planning, the different certifications he holds and are available in the industry, asset allocation, risk and return, the rule of 72, the efficiency frontier, and inflation. Students were very impressed, attentive, and asked great questions!
Thank you, Mr. Gray!

This Week - Oct 13-16

Last week we covered accounting. The handout is linked.  Homework for Oct 9 was to finish the backside of the handout and have a "gentle" conversation with parents about how net worth is calculated.
Monday - No School = No Class
Tuesday - Saving and Investing: Homework is to fill out this questionnaire, bring answers with you to class FRIDAY (not Thursday): 
Wednesday - No class - testing day
Thursday - Guest Speaker from Goldman Sachs - Mr. Kevin Grey
Friday - Saving and Investing. 
Monday, Oct 19 - Saving & Investing
Tuesday, Oct 20 - Exam Review
October 21 - EXAM
October 22- Macroeconomics, Final Exam Prep and Review

Anatomy Of A Check

Today we learned how to write a check. Do's a dont's, how to prevent fraud, and how to distinguish between the bank register and your personal check register. All students wrote a fake check to St. Michael's High School for their October tuition payment. The document is attached. 

Oct 5-9, 2015, Banking, Market Structure, Accounting

Monday: We'll finish up market structures, talking about Oligopolies and Monopolistic Competition. We'll discuss Ronald Reagan's quote: "Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."
Tuesday: History and growth of money. We'll only "touch" on this because it's such a large topic.  We'll learn about basic banking terms, like EFT, ATM, float, overdraft protection, to name a few.   
Wednesday: Guest Speaker from New Mexico Bank and Trust about the banking industry and it's role(s). 
Thursday: Intro to accounting basics and principles: balance sheet, debits and credits, income statements, balancing a checkbook/savings account.
Friday: More accounting!!
Next Week: Saving & Investing, and a guest speaker from Goldman Sachs!!

Oct 1 Homework

Wednesday: we covered perfect competition, its signs and requirements, and the effect on markets and businesses. 
Thursday: we reviewed perfect competition and began to discuss three important terms: Monopoly, copyrights, and trademarks. 
Friday: HOMEWORK: Watch this video:
Next week we'll cover money and banking and move into investments and currency the following week. 

Econ For The Week: 9/8-9/11/15

Hi Parents & Students, 
Here is our Economics plan for the week: 
Tuesday: We discussed bankruptcy today and the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 (and Chapter 11 - business bankruptcy). 
Wednesday: Review for exam. Exam will be over Supply/Demand curves - shifts and movements, consumer debt, FICO scores, and bankruptcy. 
Thursday: Quiz/Exam/Test: whatever you want to call it - it's big. 
Friday: Start new chapter

Two Videos To Watch

Hey Econ Students... here are two videos we'll be watching in class today (9/2) that will help you garner some understanding on the lessons we've been learning: 
The first is Suze Orman who speaks about the Debt Utilization Ratio, which we discussed yesterday. She calls it something different, but it's the same topic we covered in class:
The second is Mark Cuban, talking about being an entrepreneur and what he thinks of new business owners that use loans to start a business. An interesting take: 
Mr. Gantt


We have a lot to cover this week! Here is brief outline of our economic lessons for the week. 
Monday: Wrap up Supply & Demand curves, elasticity. 
Tuesday: What the FICO? FICO scores, what are they, why do they matter to me?
Wednesday: Fixing your FICO score, loan amortization schedules
Thursday: Credit Cards, types of loans, types of debt
Friday: Quiz on credit cards, FICO, debt. Start bankruptcy - Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13.