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Standard Dress Changes

After much discussion, the administration has decided to make some changes to the uniform policy. The changes to the uniform policy are in bold below, and have been taken directly from the newest version of the 2019–2020 Parent-Student Handbook:
Starting on page 38 of the handbook under Standard Uniform Dress:

Students are required to purchase their uniform tops from Tommy Hilfiger or the Parents’ Club “Twice Is Nice” program. Students may wear previously purchased items from Lands’ End. Blue and black pants are being “cycled out” of the St. Michael’s uniform. For the 2019–2020 school year students may continue to wear Tommy Hilfiger or Lands’ End pants that are black or blue with embroidered logos, but will also be permitted to wear khaki colored pants from any brand they choose, provided they are clean, do not have holes, are not cargo pants or leggings, and meet the expectation of “neatly, cleanly, and modestly” worn. Note that in the 2020–2021 school year only khaki colored pants will be permitted; black and navy will be formally “cycled out” and no longer acceptable to wear. Khaki colored pants do not need to have a school logo.

  • Polo shirt in white, black, or royal blue, long- or short-sleeved, with embroidered St. Mike’s logo from an approved embroidery vendor: Lands’ End or Tommy Hilfiger. Polo shirts must be worn tucked in at all times. Students may not purchase their own shirts and have the logo embroidered on them from a local vendor. All uniform tops must come from the Twice is Nice sale, Tommy Hilfiger, or Lands’ End.
  • Long-sleeved shirts may be worn underneath short-sleeved polo shirts. All undershirts/camisoles (long- or short-sleeved) must be in the approved polo colors, or a St. Michael’s P.E. shirt may be worn.
  • Khaki colored, plain front, or pleated pants or shorts may be worn in addition to approved St. Michael’s High School navy or black pants from Tommy Hilfiger. Note that in 2020–2021 and beyond only khaki colored pants will be acceptable; black, gray, or navy pants may not be worn. Khaki colored pants do not need to have a school logo.
  • Bottoms may not rest lower than the top of the hipbone. Shorts must be knee length.
  • If bottoms are designed with belt loops, a belt must be worn every day. Belts must have a simple buckle and may not have protruding studs or harmful objects.
  • No cargo or drawstring-style bottoms are allowed. Leggings or yoga pants of any kind are prohibited. “Carpenter style” khaki pants as well as khaki colored jean-cut and/or denim pants are permitted.
  • Skirts must be purchased through Tommy Hilfiger or the St. Michael’s Parents’ Club Twice Is Nice program. Students may NOT wear any khaki colored skirt they wish—they must be approved skirts.
All shoes must have a backing or back strap (no flip-flops, house slippers, etc.). Birkenstock sandals and Crocs with back straps are permitted.

Outer Garments
Sweaters and/or Vests must have St. Michael’s logo from an approved vendor (Tommy Hilfiger or Lands’ End). Sweaters/vests are to be worn with uniform dress tops underneath and must be of proper size and of neat appearance.

  • Must have a St. Michael’s logo or be an approved St. Michael’s High School extracurricular design.
  • Only seniors may wear college sweatshirts.
  • Sweatshirts are to be worn with standard dress tops underneath.
  • Sweatshirts may be worn in the classroom at the discretion of the classroom teacher.
  • Sweatshirts may not be worn into Mass.
  • Sweatshirts may be purchased from the Spirit Shop.
  • A jacket is a short overcoat, lined, with a full zipper or buttons.
  • Jackets should not be worn in the building during the school day unless the building heat is not working properly; permission to wear jackets is at the discretion of the classroom teacher.
Mass Dress
Students are required to be in Mass Dress for Mass and prayer services as well as for specified assemblies and special occasions. These school days and occasions are indicated on the monthly calendar.
Sunday Best: Junior and senior men and women are permitted to wear “Sunday Best” for Mass. “Sunday Best” requires at least a tie or bowtie for boys and a skirt/dress/romper for girls. Boys, for example, may opt to wear a non-St. Michael’s button-down dress shirt with a tie and a vest and dress pants or slacks. Girls may choose to wear a nice dress instead of the customary pants and button-down Mass shirt. Girl’s “Sunday Best” must be, by most reasonable opinions, modest and conservative. “Cocktail” style dresses that are short (above the knee), skin tight, and/or revealing are prohibited. If any students are curious about what will and won’t be permitted under “reasonable opinion” for Sunday Best, they should consult with the principal, vice principal, or school counselor BEFORE Mass Day begins (the day before). Those conversations are encouraged.
Junior and senior students who are not in “Sunday Best” for Mass are required to follow the standard Mass Dress guidelines. 
As most policy changes go, there will be items and angles we didn’t think of, or innovations our students present which were not addressed. We encourage our students to have constructive and respectful dialogue with Mr. Govea, Ms. Baca, and Mr. Geyer about the uniform changes prior to school starting in the fall.