New Student Application Process

New Student Application 

Click Here to access the New Student Application. PLEASE NOTE: make sure to select the correct year your student is applying for.


After completing the application, including the $65 fee, you will be able to access the links to complete the recommendations. You will also need to upload your student's transcripts from the most recent school they have attended. 

Test and Interview
After an applicant has submitted all necessary documentation for a complete application, they will be invited to test and interview. The testing and interview process consists of the following:

  • Student written questionnaire: students will hand-write on a number of topics and questions immediately before the personal interview.
  • Student personal interview: students will interview with a member of either the faculty, school administration, or Board of Trustees.
  • Student placement tests: will be at the parents' discretion. Tests will be administered to determine an applicant's academic readiness.

After the paperwork, and interviews are complete, the admissions committee will meet to review applications and make final admissions decisions.