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Brother Joe Walsh Scholarship Recipients Announced

The Brother Joe Walsh Scholarship was established to recognize current St. Michael’s juniors with the highest combined math and science grade averages during their junior year. Special consideration is given to students who are enrolled in AP and/or honor classes. This year two winners were selected. The two recipients of the 2020 Brother Joe Walsh Scholarship are Rachel Morgan and Matthew Steiger.

Rachel Morgan was enrolled in Calculus AP/BC and Honors Chemistry. Mr. Holthaus describes Rachel as “an outstanding student who always showed a desire to achieve the highest possible result on her chemistry assignments. She was a leader in laboratory experiments, working with diligence and commitment to the task at hand. Aside from her desire for personal success, she displayed concern for the achievements and welfare of her classmates.”  Mr. Armijo describes Rachel as “one of the strongest math students I’ve encountered. She has a gift for math, a natural ability. She picks up concepts easily, and is able to apply them to other situations. She is a conscientious student who accepts nothing less of herself than her best.”

Matthew Steiger was enrolled in Calculus AP/BC and AP Physics.  Mr. Armijo describes Matthew “as a bright, focused, hard-working student with a very inquisitive mind. He doesn’t just want to know ‘how’, but also ‘why’. He is a self-motivated student who pays attention to the details and always makes sure he gives his all to whatever he’s working on.” Mr. Madril describes Matthew “as fearless. He truly loves a challenge and the more difficult the problem the better. He is tenacious and does not give up. You can actually see his eyes light up when presented with a difficult problem to solve or lab to set up. His integrity is second to none.”

Congratulations Rachel and Matthew!