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COVID-19 Info

Blended Learning Update

The faculty and staff are very excited to have our students on campus in the Blended Learning Environment.  As we welcome students on campus, we will adhere to the following protocol to help ensure the safety of our community:  
Students will be divided into one of two Cohorts based on an alphabetical grouping of their last name.  Unless the student is contacted by the school, the two cohorts are as follows:  
  •  White Cohort - Student's last name starting with A-L
  •  Blue Cohort - Student's last name starting with M-Z
On our first day back, the White Cohort will be on campus while the Blue Cohort will attend classes virtually.  The groups will switch the next day and the Blue Cohort will be on campus while the White Cohort will be virtual.  The cohorts will continue alternating days on a two week cycle.  
The school will remain with the current 20-21 Bell Schedule with a slight change.  In order to limit traffic in the hallways, the Junior High students will leave their classrooms when the bell rings at the end of the period and move to their next class.  The Senior High students will remain in the classroom for an additional 5 minutes before they are dismissed to their next class.  All students (virtual and in person) are expected to be ready to start their next class when the start bell rings.  Also, students will not be able to use lockers, so be sure your student has a backpack.
In promoting social distancing, we are asking parents to not drop off students earlier than  8:00 am.   In addition, students not involved in after school activities must be picked up at 2:45 pm.

Students are expected to attend all of their classes in both our virtual and blended learning environments.  If your student is not able to attend class or misses any part of class for any reason, the absence must be reported to the front office.  You may email or call the main office at 505-983-7353.  The student should also communicate with the teacher to keep current with the material presented in class. 
Students are required to be in standard uniform dress when on campus during the blended learning environment.  
  • Uniform tops must be purchased from Tommy Hilfiger. Students may also wear previously purchased tops from Lands’ End and the Parents’ Club’s Twice Is Nice program, but  students may not purchase their own shirts and have the logo embroidered on them from a local vendor.  
  • Bottoms can be khaki colored, navy blue, or black with plain front or pleated pants or shorts. Pants and shorts may not rest lower than the top of the hipbone. Shorts must be knee length. Students may purchase pants from any store they choose. Pants should be clean, cannot have any holes or tears, cannot be cargo pants or leggings/jeggings, and they must meet the expectation of being “neatly, cleanly, and modestly” worn.   
  • Skirts must be purchased through Tommy Hilfiger. Students may only wear the pleated or box pleat skirts from Tommy Hilfiger. Students may NOT wear pencil or A-line skirts previously sold from Lands' End. Skirts must rest at the top of the knee.
Students are expected to wear a mask and maintain social distancing throughout the entire day.  They are also encouraged to bring their own wipes to help to assist in keeping the campus a safe and healthy community.
There will be no lunch service while we are in a blended learning environment. Every student is expected to bring a lunch to school with them. Here are some other reminders regarding lunch time:
  • Seniors will not be allowed to leave campus.
  • Students will not be allowed to order food and have it delivered to campus.
  • Parents will not be allowed to drop off lunch for their students as we are limiting visitors on campus.
  • No microwaves will be available.
  • Students will have limited access to the vending machines during lunch. 
 Click here to access the comprehensive Back to School Plan.