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Principal Appreciation Month » Principal Appreciation Month

Principal Appreciation Month

“Good afternoon St. Michael’s families, this is the Horsemen faculty and staff with one VERY important announcement….OCTOBER IS NATIONAL PRINCIPALS MONTH!!!”…..


         What better way to honor Mr. Sam Govea this month than to mimic his infamous school reach messages?  While we know this year must be the most challenging time to be a principal, Mr. Govea continues to step up and handle all adversity with professionalism and compassion. St. Michael’s High School is so fortunate to have him as our school leader and we can truly feel the spirit of St. John Baptist De La Salle during these challenging times.  With the help of two special senior students, Evan Bloodworth and Alma Lopez-Linan, we were able to get a brief interview on who Sam Govea is and how he came to be our leader. 

Sam Govea has been a Principal for 22 years, serving his 11th year as Principal here at St. Michael’s High School. St. Mikes is extremely special to him because the mission of the Christian Brothers is what he loves so much. The mission of the Brothers is what initially brought him to St. Mike's and he feels very strongly about De La Salle’s goal to provide an education to the needy and underprivileged. Serving in his hometown of El Paso, and his home away from home Santa Fe, has provided him with the ideal opportunity to work with the marginalized and underserved.


Mr. Govea has been influenced and guided by the mission of the Brothers throughout his life, and he loves the idea and tradition to provide for all those who are in need of it. Growing up without the luxuries of a wealthy life, Mr. Govea is continually inspired by the desire of the St. Michael’s community to give back, provide for education for those who can’t afford it, and incite a positive impact in the city of Santa Fe.

Although he was not the best student, he worked hard and strived to do the best he could; as they say, “C’s get degrees.” Being a product of a Lasallian Education, he is the epitome of what the Brother’s of the Christian Schools stood for; he is the model of what it means to be a respectful, Christian man and his passion for the wellbeing of the youth matches that of De La Salle and all of the Christian Brothers. We are very blessed to have him as our Principal. 

St. Michael’s High School has seen many changes over the past decade, but one thing has not faltered; Sam Govea is the hallmark of what St. Michael’s stands for and we are appreciative of all of his sacrifices and most importantly, the joy, serenity and stability he brings to the school community. No task is too high, no job is too big and there is never a missed opportunity for a “How we doin?” in the halls between classes.

Thank you Sam Govea for your Service to St. Michael’s High School and your continued demonstration of what it means to be a Lasallian.

'"I first met Mr. Govea when we both attended Lasallian Leadership Institute (LLI), a three-year program for teachers and administrators.  At the time, he was principal at Cathedral High School in El Paso.  The St. Mike's attendees hung out with those from Mullen in Denver and from Cathedral, so we all got to know Mr. Govea pretty well.  During our second year, Mr. Govea was interviewed for the principalship at St. Mike's -- he questioned us intently at LLI that fall about our school.  And when he accepted the job, we were thrilled!  But the best part was that many of the LLI participants from all the different schools kept telling us how lucky we were that Mr. Govea would be our principal.  He had made quite an impression on all of our LLI friends and colleagues.  It was great being at LLI with Mr. Govea, and it's been even better working with him at St. Mike's."
"As a teacher, the best person you can have in your corner is your principal. Mr. Govea is there every time."
“He lives and breathes Lasallian and his vocation to the Lasallian mission touches the hearts of so many here at St. Michael's.  He brings his passion to St. Mike's and I appreciate how approachable and caring he is with the entire St. Mike's family.  When I think of Sam, I see a wonderful example of servant leadership and I really enjoy his smile, laughter and joy that he shares with so many.”
“Mr. Govea has given much of his life in support of the Christian Brothers and a Lasallian education. A greater defender of our core principles would prove difficult to find. Peace and blessings to you. Thank you for all you do for our school community.”