Welcome Home Horsemen!

Welcome back to St. Michael’s, and welcome also to our esteemed alumnae of Loretto Academy—we are all one family in the tradition of Lasallian Catholic education in Santa Fe.

Alumni Logo
The St. Michael’s High School Alumni Association promotes community, goodwill and fellowship between and among former students of St. Michael’s High School and Loretto Academy. The Alumni Association raises funds for scholarships and is an advocate for activities that benefit the general welfare of the school and the general needs of athletics, while supporting the students’ academic and spiritual growth. 

Alumni can get involved with St. Michael's in a variety of ways:

    • volunteering at events
    • hosting international students that want to attend St. Michael's
    • attending Homecoming
    • supporting scholarships
    • making a gift to the Fund for St. Michael's or speaking with current students about college. 

The 2023-2024 Alumni Association Officers and Board Members:


President:  Phil Archuleta ‘98

Vice President:  Cia Padilla ‘74

Treasurer: Gaby Camarena

Secretary:  Kelly Howley

Chaplin: Father Frank Pretto

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Mike Ortiz ‘91

Past President: Monica Villaire-Garcia ‘81

Board Members:  Amy Trujillo ‘00; Lisa Morrison ’86; Miguel Gabaldon ‘84; Loretta Salazar ‘79; Carmela Quintana ’90; Veronica McKenna ‘93

Alumni Relations Coordinator: Annette Rivera-Legits '83


Alumni Association Meetings

If you have any questions regarding alumni relations, please contact Annette Rivera-Legits, DBM and Alumni Relations by clicking here or call, at 505-983-7353.