Welcome Home Horsemen!

Welcome back to St. Michael’s, and welcome also to our esteemed alumnae of Loretto Academy—we are all one family in the tradition of Lasallian Catholic education in Santa Fe.

Alumni can get involved with St. Michael's in a variety of ways, including volunteering at events, hosting international students that want to attend St. Michael's, attending Homecoming, supporting scholarships or making a gift to the Fund for St. Michael's or speaking with current students about college. 

If you have any questions regarding alumni relations, please contact Annette Rivera-Legits, DBM and Alumni Relations by clicking here or call, at 505-983-7353.

The Alumni Association offers two opportunities for Alumni to give students the possibility to experience the St. Michael’s academic successes, spiritual growth and service to our community and the world
around us.

1. One opportunity is a direct donation to the Alumni Association Tuition Assistance Program.
2. The other is the participation in the Alumni and Friends of St. Michael’s Brick Patio.
For more information regarding the campaign please Click Here
Please take the time register in the Alumni Directory so you and your classmates can connect with one another and refresh your pride for St. Michael's.
Contact the Alumni association to find out how to become part of the active Alumni here [email protected]. Consider joinining a meeting. 

Alumni Association Meetings




"Attending St. Michael's High School prepared me for many things - college, raising a family, a career, and community involvement. As a member of the St. Michael's Alumni Association, we make sure that future generations can experience the great things St. Michael's has to offer."

Miguel B. Gabaldon, Jr., '84