Planned and Estate Giving

The Horsemen Honors Legacy Society:

Leaving Your Tribute while Providing for the Future

St. Michael’s is blessed by the philanthropy of its alumni, families and friends. Their generosity ensures that the school remains a leader in Catholic education while also providing for St. Michael’s future. With planned and estate gifts, you can make extraordinary contributions either now or in the future, while considering your family and other heirs at the same time. And you may be able to make a more significant gift than you thought possible.

The Horsemen Honors Legacy Society, which honors individuals who have included St. Michael's in their planned and estate giving, secures St. Michael’s future. Planned and estate gifts provide wonderful opportunities for individuals and families to demonstrate their support for St. Michael’s. Planned and estate gifts can also provide income to loved ones as well as capital gains and estate tax relief.

Cash or Property

A cash gift, either as a percentage of your estate or as a specific amount, is the most common form of planned and estate giving. You may also give appreciated property to St. Michael's through your estate plans. 

Life Income Gifts

A life income gift allows you to give assets to St. Michael's while providing yourself or your family members with income for a period of time before St. Michael's is permitted to use the gift. You may make a life income gift by transferring securities, cash, or other property to a trustee. The trustee then manages the investment of the assets and pays an income to you, your designated beneficiaries, or both. Income payments continue for the beneficiaries' lives or, in some cases, for a term of up to 20 years.

There are several kinds of life income gifts available such as Charitable Reminder Unitrusts and Charitable Gift Annuities, to name a few.

Retirement Plans and Life Insurance Policies
Money held in an employee benefit plan, a traditional IRA, or a tax-sheltered (deferred) annuity can be used as an estate gift to St. Michael's. By naming St. Michael's as the beneficiary of your retirement plan, your charitable priorities will be honored posthumously.
A life insurance policy provides a simple way for you to give a significant gift. Naming St. Michael's as the beneficiary of your policy may be done in several ways, such as irrevocably assigning an existing policy to St. Michael's, naming St. Michael's as the beneficiary of a paid up policy, or purchasing a new life insurance policy, naming St. Michael's as the beneficiary.   


To become a member of the Horsemen Honors Legacy Society and leave a lasting impact on St. Michael's, please contact Leslie Kilmer, Interim-President  at 505-983-7353 or click here

St. Michael's encourages you to obtain legal and/or professional assistance regarding estate planning. Click here for a listing of local professionals who can assist you with your estate planning needs.